Why be honest?

Experimenting with pros and cons

Feb 20, 2022
Why be honest?

by Brian Curtis, Ph.D.

Possible cons:

You may be rejected by friends and family.

You may be judged.

You may be laughed at.

You may be embarrassed.

It could lead to a breakup. A divorce.

You could be estranged from you parents. Kicked out of your home.

You could be isolated.

Possible pros:

You would be seen.

Your relationships may become deeper and more connected.

You may give yourself permission to let go of the burden of secrecy. The burden of "What if they find out?"

You might glimpse freedom, openness, ease, peace.

You might provide an example for others. "If they can do it [disclose their mental health status, come out, admit past failure, sincerely apologize, etc.], maybe I can too!"

You may become more compassionate towards the mistakes of others.

You may become more able to have compassion for yourself.

Weighing the pros and cons:

Is honesty worth the risk? 

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