Letting go of insomnia

Insomnia? Let go. It's really that simple.

Jun 27, 2022
Letting go of insomnia

by Brian Curtis, Ph.D.

Insomnia? Let go. It's really that simple.

Wake up at the same time each day (set an alarm) and get out of bed within 10-15 minutes, regardless of how much sleep you got that night.

Go to bed when you're sleepy (not just tired). If you find yourself trying to sleep, get out of bed, relax, then return to bed when sleepy. Repeat.

Then let go.

Let go of napping the next day.

Let go of thoughts. If they're not useful, stop getting involved.

Let go of emotions. If the energy is useful, use it to solve the problem. If not, just ride the wave. Let it rise, crest, and fall on its own.

Let go of trying to sleep. You didn't try to sleep before you had insomnia.

Let go of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, weed, all the meds that stop working and cause more restlessness than relaxation.

Let go of putting your life on hold until your sleep problems are solved. Do things that matter. Go outside. Run around. Eat real food. Laugh. Have fun.

Treating insomnia is difficult because it requires you to do less, not more.

That's what you did before you had insomnia. You can do it again.

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